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As professionals, we share a common passion for helping individuals and families plan for a secure financial future. Our highest priority is to create personalized solutions that provide our clients with predictable, reliable, and sustainable income that is secure and durable throughout our clients’ entire lifetimes. Influenced by leading experts and the industry’s most educated minds, we’re determined to serve others to the highest fiduciary standards, consistently placing our client’s best interests ahead of our own.

Our team has been serving clients for several decades combined, and we are honored to experience the joy of helping people improve their lives. We have a standard of care, excellence, and kindness that our entire team lives by every day. As a fiduciary firm that continues to grow, each with specialties to serve clients across the United States and abroad, we champion the message that Income Is The Outcome That Matters Most In Retirement.

John Ripley

John has been serving clients in the financial services arena since 2003, when he launched a mortgage company in Orlando, Florida. He hosted a financial radio program, “Your Home, Your Money,” heard across Florida for many years. Now, as a nationally recognized and sought-after seminar speaker, John shares a message of hope in a fun and compelling way. He also serves our team as the principal communicator at our Retirement Income Workshops held across the U.S., where we teach business owners and attendees from all sectors how to create streams of predictable and reliable lifetime income.

John served as a United States Marine Officer and is honored to be an Investment Advisor Representative at Smarter Retirement Solutions leading our team of advisors across the country. As our company grows to meet the increased demand for quality and thoughtful retirement advice, John provides oversight of our expansion both domestically and internationally. A proud sponsor of federal retirement workshops around the U.S., John empowers federal employees to maximize their benefits and live their retirement dreams. John appears in this year’s “Retirement Planning” edition of Kiplinger’s Magazine and can be seen on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX on the “Retire Happy Hour” TV program.”

Stacy Ripley

Stacey was an invaluable resource for several local business owners in Alabama and Florida and overhauled their sales, marketing, HR, and accounting practices. She transitioned from the music industry as a recording artist to the business world. John and Stacey met through their common love of music and married in June 2017. Based on the Smarter Retirement Solutions team’s growth, Stacey enthusiastically joined the team as Director of Client Success and now leads our client experience process and supports our multi-state team. John and Stacey live in Orlando, FL, and stay active with five college-age children, are passionate about music, fitness, global missions, and travel. Stacey and John lead our service to federal clients in the Orlando, Tampa, and Denver areas, also providing support for our team members and clients around the world.

Clint Connell

An Army Officer and a three-decade real estate expert, Clint joined Smarter Retirement Solutions to serve clients in Texas and the central U.S. His keen understanding of market trends and risk management offers our clients excellent value as our team builds solid Retirement Income Plans.

He remembers the underlying theme taught by his grandparents, who had been wiped out by the Depression, that “money doesn’t come easy and you need to protect what you have.”

His grandparents worked for the State of Texas starting in the 1930s, and later his father served as a Texas Ranger and his mom as a Texas school teacher. Clint witnessed the gratefulness that each generation displayed for their reliable employment benefits and steady streams of income. They saw these sources of predictable income as “heaven-sent.” Clint learned that being thrifty is a great way to gain financial security and create reliable future retirement income. He joined the Smarter Retirement Solutions team to now provide that same positive future outlook for all of our clients. When he sees them begin to really understand the benefits of reliable income, grasp the possibilities of a secure retirement, look at their future with bright anticipation rather than nervous uncertainty – that’s a good day in his book!

Clint and Andrea, his wife of 34 years, live in Austin, TX and have two sons; one a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, and the other is a nationally recognized large-scale commercial artist. Clint leads our service to federal employees in the Central Texas region.

Terry Thomason

Terry, President of Replica Wealth Advisors, has been serving his clients for the past 18 years in Colorado Springs and the Greater Pikes Peak area. He brings his joyful countenance to bear in every situation. A calculating and thoughtful income planner, Terry enjoys his craft and the results of lifetime income solutions. He and his wife Sherry have been married for 33 years, live in Colorado Springs, CO, and have two daughters and six grandchildren. They love outdoor sports and serve in their local church. Terry has climbed half of Colorado’s 14,000-foot mountains. Terry leads our service to federal employees in southern Colorado and the greater Colorado Springs Pikes Peak region.

Advisory services are offered by Replica Wealth Advisors Inc. a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Colorado. Insurance products and services are offered through Terry Thomason, Sole Proprietor dba Mountain Range Insurance Advisors, an affiliated company. Replica Wealth Advisors Inc. and Terry Thomason, Sole Proprietor dba Mountain Range Insurance Advisors are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any other government agency.

Garridan Baldomino

Garridan has served clients for two decades in the financial services industry. As a Kansas native, he was born and raised with Midwest values of caring for others, humility, and integrity. He focuses on developing client relationships one person at a time. With extensive knowledge of life insurance case design, he brings expertise to medical insurance solutions and tax-efficient retirement planning.

Garridan assists our team nationwide with timely insights on the ever-changing medical expense landscape facing our clients. His ability to ascertain the most advantageous combinations of private, public, and employer-sponsored benefit programs allows our team to provide up-to-date and timely information to clients, helping them make the best decisions related to these expenses in their budget. As we know, rising health care costs pose extraordinary challenges during retirement, so it is a critical aspect to address and anticipate. He explains the power of income replacement for families so they are better prepared to mitigate the numerous retirement risks.

As a member of the Smarter Retirement Solutions team, he leads our service to families and federal employees in the Heartland. Garridan is an avid reader, a good listener, and an empathetic confidant whose experience and humility combine with his warm and personalized approach to financial service. He enjoys life with his beautiful wife Gabrielle and their four sons. A passionate Kansas Jayhawks fan, you can often find him after work watching a KU game or in the stadium enjoying his favorite team.

Brendan Keeley

Brendan was raised in College Station, Texas where his father was a professor at Texas A&M for over thirty years. He is no stranger to a life of serving others. He joined the US Navy during his junior year of high school and upon graduation, completed basic training and was deployed to Japan for his post on the USS Midway. There he served our country as the electrician on the all-weather attack A-6 Intruder aircraft.

Happily married to his beautiful wife Gayle and living in Gilbert, Arizona, for twenty-six years, he enjoys the financial services industry as an opportunity to assist others in strengthening their financial well-being. He has been serving clients as a local banking center manager for the last nineteen years. Brendan and Gayle have two children, both attending Arizona State University. An interesting fact: Brendan can be seen on the deck of the aircraft carrier in the first Top Gun movie! Now a member of the Smarter Retirement Solutions team, he leads our service to families and federal
employees across the Greater Sun Valley.

Ed de la Rosa

Ed has spent the last three decades in the financial services industry serving hundreds of clients. He is passionate about helping people minimize market risk and tax burdens with comprehensive retirement plans. He focuses on developing a secure path forward.

With extensive knowledge as a member of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group℠, he provides expert retirement income solutions and tax-efficient planning. Joining the Smarter Retirement Solutions team, he leads our service to families and federal employees across the Gulf Coast.

Ed has been featured in USA Today, Bankrate, Wall Street Journal, and Marketwatch. He knows that there is great comfort in knowing you’ve made the best decisions for you and your family. Ed recognizes that you have worked hard over your career and embraces a higher standard in always serving his clients’ best interests. His approach to financial service helps solidify your financial future.

Ed enjoys life with his wife Melina in Tampa/St Pete. Avid hikers, they take several trips each year to ‘conquer’ Mt. Rainier. You can often find them on a hiking trail or on the mountain enjoying the beauty of nature.

Tina Wenzel

Tina is one of the sweetest individuals you will have the pleasure of interacting with on the Smarter Retirement Solutions team. She serves every person with the utmost care, warmth, and excellence. Growing up in the Washington DC area, she traveled across the United States with her husband, a Marine Officer, before settling into rural Pennsylvania, where they raised their four amazing children.

As a military and now federal employee spouse, Tina understands the rigors of a life of service. They recently relocated to Georgia, where their youngest is finishing high school, and the family no longer has to shovel snow. She is a recent and very proud grandmother to their first grandchild, a theatre and choir mom, and a fantastic wife. Tina is an accomplished professional cake artist whose work has delighted her family, friends, and clients for years. We are blessed that she is part of the Smarter Retirement Solutions family providing client engagement and client care to everyone we serve.

Investment Advisory Services are offered only by duly registered individuals through Tucker Asset Management. Tucker Asset Management and Smarter Retirement Solutions are not affiliated companies. Neither Smarter Retirement Solutions or Tucker Asset Management are affiliated with or endorsed by the U.S. Government or any governmental agency.

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